THe OHM Team

Who are we?

We are Jemma and Anthony Brown, experienced business owners, successful charity brand builders and skilled producers of embroidered and printed charity clothing . We already run an established and successful business embroidered work and schoolwear company OHM Clothing.

Jemma Brown


Jemma joined OHM in 2018 and has helped it grow and develop into an empathetic, customer focused business for clients all over the world. With a sound charity background, Jemma has a detailed understanding of what charities need, how important supporters and volunteers are and how ‘it all works’.

Anthony Brown


Anthony has a passion for getting good quality, well priced clothing out to clients and has an expert eye for the quality element of what we do. Having successfully singlehandedly managed the Great British Campout clothing campaign during the COVID-19 pandemic, getting over 2000 items of charity fundraising clothes out to supporters up and down the country, he really does know what he’s doing!



Cristina Nae




Remove the Risk

Our aim is simple; to provide supporters with quality branded clothing, and charities with an easy way to raise funds.

To find out how it works, please check out the rest of our site then complete our contact form or pick up the phone, we’d love to hear from you.

Jemma & Anthony